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Sparkle in Business – Women’s Twilight Workshop – Memphis TN

SPARKLE IN BUSINESS – Women’s Twilight Workshop – Memphis,TN – May 17th


  • Discover how to Sparkle in Your Business and Attract Your Ideal Client
  • Learn how to Vibrationally Market to your target market from the inside out.
  • Find out the secret to Broadcasting the Frequency of Success

1779968_10202919462727477_675498237_nDuring this powerful twilight workshop you will discover:

  • How to leverage your own energy to create success in your business and every area of your life.
  • Find out the five foundations used by the ultra successful and how YOU can start using them in your business NOW.
  • Learn how to master the art of  tuning into your own natural essence to let the real you shine through in a way that will have clients lining up at your door.


This 3 Hour experience will be interactive, informative, and powerful and also includes a catered meet and greet networking reception prior to the workshop which includes ; a variety of Finger Sandwiches, Fruit & Cheese Platter as well as a delicious Dessert Tray filled with wonderful cookies, cakes and more.

Saturday May 17th, 2014 – 7pm – 10pm

The Claridge House – Balinese Room on the 17th floor overlooking the Mississippi River
109 N Main Street -  Memphis, Tennessee


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400590_10201053102718411_904684817_nSparkle in Business – Women’s Twilight Workshop – Hosted by Pam Beall 

Crye – Leike Realtors

Saturday May 17th, 2014 – 7pm – 10pm

The Claridge House Balinese Room on the 17th floor overlooking the Mississippi River
109 N Main Street -  Memphis, Tennessee


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Saturday May 17th, 2014 – 7pm – 10pm




New Year’s Resolutions and Your D/R (divine resource) Team

We’re in the home stretch of the year, and as we look ahead to 2014 we continue to realize that life goalis moving, although for many, it may like it’s in the wrong direction.

This is the time of year when a lot of people pull out the goals they set at the beginning of the year and take an inventory of achievements, sometimes sealing in a feeling of unworthiness within themselves, bracing for another year of disappointment as they accept the belief that they “just weren’t able to do it AGAIN”.

In 2013 I decided to do things a little differently and what I have experienced has been nothing less than miraculous, and more fun than I could have ever imagined.  Here’s why…

Back in January, I made the decision to no longer make New Year’s Resolutions.  I found I no longer wanted to experience the feelings of unworthiness at the end of each year as I looked at the list of things I didn’t achieve, adding them to the list for “next year”.  I realized this “Habit” I had picked up of setting Resolutions was NOT serving me at all…

So I made a change.

resourceswithin.jpgI TAPPED INTO MY NATURAL DIVINE RE-SOURCE and Delegated to my D/R Team.

I set some Mighty Intentions and tapped into my own Natural Re-Source of Infinite Wisdom and Divine Power which flows through each and every one of us.  I set the intention to:

  • Expand my Hosting skills with the desire to host my own Tele-Summit
  • Expand the reach of my message as I broadcast the frequency of Well Being with the desire to speak at events with other leading edge minds
  • Expand in my business by launching the desire to serve others like me who travel on the leading edge of thought.

Most of the time, we (as humans) tend to try to find a Source OUTSIDE of ourselves to realize our desires, believing that if we take enough action, manipulate enough circumstances, give more effort and work harder, we can achieve what we want.

I know I lived like that for a long time before I discovered the power of my own intention.  Maybe you have been experiencing this yourself, or you know someone who is.  What I have discovered in my own life, is that I have an UNLIMITED RE-SOURCE of Divine Power and a team of non-physical rock stars working on my behalf, and when I TRUST the process, the experience turns out better than I even imagined.  Every time, no doubts and no exceptions.


After setting those intentions, this is what I experienced:

  • Superwise Summit SpeakersHosting the “Superwise Tele-Summit” with documentary film maker Len Branson,  (creator of the mindgrowing movie “Supwerwise Me – Law of The Heart” narrated by Michael Beckwith) when we spent 9 days talking about deliberate creating with visionaries from around the world. “
  • CLICK HERE” to enjoy this event for FREE
  • I was a featured speaker at the “Awaken to Your Greatest Life” event by Live Big 5FoundationsCombo.jpgMedia  (receiving that phone call was an AMAZING experience!) I shared the virtual stage with some of the finest minds in the world of personal growth and self development and launched my new five part audio program
  • The 5 Foundations of Deliberate Creating – Embracing Your Divine Power five part audio series

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  • I filled my first Elite Platinum “Unlimited Alignment” program and my clients are experiencing OUTSTANDING RESULTS!
  • In addition to these miracles,  I offered my first live workshop teaching these foundations and got paid to do it.  (That was SUPER EXCITING)
  • October 1st I hosted my first five week “Embrace Your Divine Power” global tele-class and had the opportunity to connect with amazing women around the world, who are also traveling the journey into awareness.

Learn more about the class here   www.activateandprosper.com/class

And to end out the year I became an advertising partner with an online magazine dedicated to empowering women to get all A’s in the game of life and allows me to help my community AND my clients. (This is a big deal to me)  and as if that wasn’t enough, the universe also aligned me with the founder of the magazine who heard one of my interviews and offered me my own audio column where I get to do what I love. (which is talk to interesting people)

Check out my new column where I am “Scratching the Surface” about life with some amazing women. CLICK HERE

and just for fun I started an online boutique www.sagewithstyle.com

I’m not sharing all of this with you to brag, although it does feel good to see my own results.


Decide how you want to feel and set the intention to feel that way and allow your Universal staff handle the details.   When you allow yourself to release the need to “control everything” life will become magical before your eyes.  This ENDLESS RE-SOURCE is within you right now, always and in all ways.  The tank is never empty, the well is never dry and the tap is always turned on.

If all of this is possible for me in 12 months, just IMAGINE what is possible for YOU!

Yeah…. You are that powerful.

It’s no accident that you are here, reading these words and attracting this information at this time.  It’s YOUR time to shine as your travel your own journey of deliberate creating.


Stephanie Kathan

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Releasing Fear in 5 Divine Steps (Replay)

stephaniesuperwiseWe are conditioned to live in fear, the good news is… we don’t have to stay there.   In this free audio I share with you the exact steps I took to lead me from a life of despair into one of awareness, as I embraced the world of deliberate creating.

You will discover the 5 Divine Steps that allowed me to say goodbye to fear forever, as well as the processes and techniques I use to stay on track AND the secret enchantment I use for summoning my highest self.

At the end of this call you will know how to tune into your own divine superpower to release fear, and how to activate it. 

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Nine Do It Yourself Experiments that will GROW YOUR MIND

Every now and then, a book comes into your life… and changes EVERYTHING.

Have you ever been called by a book?  That’s what happened to me recently when Pam Grout’s book E-Squared made it’s way into my awareness.  And the call was so strong it could not be ignored.

I was out of town doing a workshop and the desire to have the book became so strong, I began calling bookstores in surrounding areas.  A Barnes & Noble 30 miles away had one copy!  I was thrilled…  and then they told me “Oh I’m sorry, were saving for another customer”, it couldn’t be touched and it was on hold for another 3 Days!

I HAD TO HAVE THAT BOOK!     e-squared-smaller

I waited a bit… and then I heard… “Let the manager handle it”.

So I called the bookstore back, asked for a manager, and she not only handled it, but she did it with such a wonderful attitude!  She called me back to let me know she had called the “hold” customer who was local, explained that I was from out of town and I could feel her smiling when she said the book was mine and I could pick it up at the register.

I fell asleep reading it, and when I woke up, my first thought wasn’t “Where’s the coffee?”  it was “Where’s the Book?”.  Yeah… it’s powerful.

My son and I did the first experiment at the same time, and both received blessings within hours.  He called me to tell me about his, minutes after I received mine.  It was AMAZING!  We were giggling and laughing and excited to do it again… and that is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

Both of my sons now each have their own copy, and it will be the gift I give to everyone I love from now on.

The Nine Experiments in this book, will shift your perception, expand your awareness and grow your mind in ways you never thought possible.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get your own copy, and start performing miracles in your own life.  You’ll be glad you did.


When I began reading the book, I knew instantly I wanted to have Pam as my special guest on an episode of LeadingEdge Talk…. so…. I set my intention with the FP and…

SHAZAM!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to my interview with Pam Grout

The experiments in E-Squared will boost your confidence and help you remember what life is about.  If you don’t have a copy yet I highly recommend you get it.  Whether you go to the library, go to the closest bookstore or order it here online… Just Do It.


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Staking Claim in Your Divine Inheritance

What if a stranger showed up at your door today, and informed you that You have an inheritance from a benefactor?

What if the stranger told you that as of this moment, you have unlimited access to resources and supply…… that You are unlimited, free to experience all the things you have always wanted to do, be and have….?

The stranger tells you that “all you have to do is call upon me with the words I AM” to stake your claim..
How do I collect?  you ask….

and the stranger shares with you that your inheritance includes the power to choose.

To deliberately withdraw from your inheritance, you must first imagine what it is you want, and trust that it will be delivered. To accept your inheritance from your Benefactor you must Believe.  What if this strangers voice comes from within your own awareness….
What do you do?

This story is no harder to believe than thinking we are here on this earth to suffer, pay taxes and die…. Your Benefactor lives within you, Your Inheritance is written about in every good book from every great teacher who has come forth in scriptures from around the world….. There’s even more good news….. the choice of what to believe is always yours….. You decide your own fiction….. and You Decide Your Own Truth.

divinesuperpowersCLICK HERE “Embracing Your Divine Power” five part audio series  SPECIAL OFFER (THE ABOVE SPECIAL OFFER ENDS SEPT 30TH)

IF YOU ARE READY TO SAY YES TO YOUR DIVINE INHERITANCE - Join me for a special five week “Embrace Your Divine Power” Global Tele-Class. (Beginning Oct 1st)



Stephanie Kathan

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3 Ways to Avoid Self Sabotage


One of the most common things I observe in clients, colleagues and yes…. even myself…


Is the “Habit” we have as humans of sabotaging our own success.  It generally happens when you’re doing well, you’ve been feeling pretty good and then something happens… (You observe something in life) that invites doubt into your mind.  That doubt, if given just a little bit of attention, then attracts another doubtful thought like it into your awareness.


self sabotage

Before long, you’re saying things to yourself like “I’m not where I should be”, “I’m not enough”, “I’m not good at this or that”, and soon you manifest situations that give you evidence that those thoughts you’ve been thinking are true.


For example, you may find yourself in the following situations

  • *Missing important meetings or appointments
  • * Not taking the opportunity to shine in your gifts and justifying with excuses of why it didn’t work out
  • * Blaming others for your circumstances

If you are experiencing any of these things, DON’T WORRY… I’VE GOT GOOD NEWS!

You have total power over this “habit” and it’s completely within YOUR control.

Here’s some things you can do to stay on track and not allow yourself to get “de-railed” by your doubts.

1. Go to a mirror RIGHT NOW.  Look at your reflection until you connect with your “inner being” gazing back at you through your eyes, and ask yourself:  “How do You feel about Me”?  Then allow yourself to embrace the LOVE instantly showered upon you.

*You may experience goosebumps from head to toe

* Tingling in your body

* And a profound feeling of acceptance and love surrounding you in a vibrational embrace.

2. Find a notebook and a pen and begin immediately to write down things YOU appreciate about YOU.  If you think there isn’t anything, give yourself some more time… and if you still can’t find anything to appreciate about yourself, quiet your mind and ask your inner being “What do YOU appreciate about ME”? Then allow what you receive through thought to flow onto the page before you.

3. Trust there is Goodness within YOU.  Regardless of what you’ve done, or who you were in the past.  Believe in yourself enough to show up in this powerful NOW as your best self.

Practice these steps as often as necessary.  Each time, your confidence will strengthen and your doubts will fall away.  Believe that you are more than you think you are, and never again see yourself as less than you should be.I-love-you-OwnAwesome

You are Divine by Design…. and it’s YOUR time to shine.

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Stephanie Kathan

If you found value in this article be sure to “Follow this Blog” to receive more mindgrowing articles, audios, tips, tools and resources that grow your mind.

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