CBD Oil and Natural Pain Relief


What is CBD and how is it different from marijuana?

Can CBD products really reduce or eliminate pain?

How do I know I’m getting the best quality product on the market?

These are just some of the questions I answer every day online for people who-like you- are curious about CBD products, their benefits, and how to make an educated and empowered choice when you purchase CBD products.

Since CBD products are relatively new to the marketplace it takes a lot of research, time and energy to educate yourself on the differences between brands and benefits.  We’ve done the research for you and offer only the finest medicinal grade, certified organic, non-gmo full spectrum CBD oil available. Our full spectrum oil comes from one of the only federally registered medicinal hemp producers and distributors in the United States. As a partner with the Kentucky University system, our supplier is helping to aid in the research and development of CBD discovery.


Cannabidiol or CBD is the primary cannabinoid in industrial hemp, or cannabis with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC, the acronym for tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabis most people are familiar with is referred to as marijuana and it has high levels of THC, which is what causes users to get high. To be legal in many states, industrial hemp must contain less than .3% THC. Marijuana also contains CBD but it is second to THC among more than 80 cannabinoids.

What is a cannabinoid?

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds secreted by cannabis that provide relief to symptoms such as pain, nausea, and inflammation to name only a few of the dozens of benefits associated with cannabis. They work by imitating compounds our bodies naturally produce, called endocannabinoids, which maintain internal stability and health. These cannabinoids are also called phytocannabinoids, meaning these cannabinoids are plant based.

CBD oils are gaining in popularity because researchers are finding they possess many of the same benefits of medicinal marijuana and users do not have to see a doctor, be part of a dispensary or pay hundreds of dollars to become eligible.  CBD and all cannabinoids other than THC, cannot cause users to get high. Therefore, users can benefit from CBD’s healing properties without experiencing any of the negative effects associated with THC.


There are literally thousands of studies, articles and clinical trials being conducted or have been conducted or written in regards to the medicinal benefits of CBD and the other cannabinoids found in cannabis. When all cannabinoids are present it is called full spectrum oil and that is what is believed to be most beneficial as opposed to CBD isolated from the plant and taken alone. Research suggests these cannabinoids could be the remedy for many conditions and this is why we are dedicated to introducing products infused with this amazing extract.


My name is Stephanie Kathan.  Since childhood, I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, chronic pain in my body, and spent many years on the pharmaceutical treadmill of anti- depressants, anxiety and pain medications. Stephanie_Kathan-15937

A couple of years ago I didn’t know anything about CBD, but when I learned how it was changing people’s lives and even saving people from debilitating pain, seizures and insomnia, I knew I wanted to learn more. Since then I’ve experienced powerful results using CBD oil for myself.   My life has changed so profoundly that I’m now on a mission to educate others about this miracle healing oil and make it available to my clients and customers .


For the last 10 years, I’ve been doing energy sessions with clients in the personal growth industry, and through that work, I have found alternative ways to manage my mind, body and spirit without the help of “big pharma” and I’m honored to help my clients to do the same — and the results they are experiencing with CBD are truly amazing!

CBD is used for:
Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Cancer, Depression, PTSD, Seizures, Tremors, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, Inflammation, Arthritis,
Migraines, and SO MUCH MORE. #NaturalPainRelief

All CBD oils are NOT created equal. 

Before you purchase ANY kind of CBD product, check the label for ingredients, where it’s made, and make sure what you’re getting is pure and not blended with unwanted additives.

The CBD products we offer are: 

  Organically Grown in the USA – Non-Toxic – Non-GMO – Full Spectrum – No THC manufactured in a FDA approved facility with third party testing for quality control. Certificate of analysis available upon request.
Have Questions? Message Me!  I LOVE to talk about this stuff.

I’m so passionate about educating people about the this powerful plant extract, I’ve even created an organic wellness group related to healing with CBD – where you can ask questions, post testimonials, see research articles, have a safe place to receive support, and learn more about the benefits of CBD.


#ListenerAlert— on this special  Health & Wellness MindGrowRadio podcast  “The Healing Power of Hemp Oil” hear why people all over the world are turning to this natural alternative to find relief. AND discover  the 6 Things To Look For on the label before buying any brand of CBD oil.     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

We are proud to be partnered with CBD BioCare, offering the best physician grade organic hemp oil products on the market today. 
Here’s a glimpse of our pure hemp oil pain management offerings and our natural organic hemp oil skin care products — AND we now offer CBD oil for your pets!

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Contact me directly using the form below and let’s connect! I love the results my family is experiencing with CBD and I know you’re going to love these products as much as we do!  – Stephanie

Here’s a few testimonials our customers have sent in to us-

“I bought the CBD BioCare full spectrum CBD oil last month for my mom who suffers from insomnia and i started taking it too, and initially i saw subtle changes nothing major, until slowly it has been improving continiously and i have to admit even my skin looks great, I’m sleeping a lot better at night, i feel more awake and energetic during the day, i also find myself a lot less stressed about things that would normally drive me insane, i have much more confidence whenever i have a session with a client (who ive never met before and its a bit awkward) and i felt a LOT more relaxed, by the end of my session i realized something had changed in me.
Im extremely skeptical, but this has proven to work with me and my mom. None of my vitamin supplements have ever made such a big difference in my memory and attitude overall. This is definitely legit and I’m hooked!” –Carmen


“This has been a miraculous healing oil for many of my health challenges. I have an overactive nervous system, which leads to anxiety. My normally fast heart rate and uptight feeling throughout my body has subsided to almost none since taking the cbd oil every day. Digesting food much better too! I’ve taken many things for physical symptom relief of anxiety and this CBD oil works better than anything!”  –Joshua 


 “I have been using CBD BioCare’ s 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil for about a month now. For the last 10 years I’ve suffered from Insomnia, RLS, Anxiety, and ADHD. All of these have worked very well together to make it almost impossible for me to get a good night’s sleep, and impossible to stay focused or still during the day! As I started using the oil I noticed results the first night with my insomnia, I slept a solid 8 hours, deep sleep, no interruptions and woke up feeling more refreshed and energized than I’ve ever been in the morning, I was ready to run the day instead of letting the day run me! After about a week my Anxiety and ADHD had almost totally subsided!! I’m a now an even stronger believer in CBD and all the amazing benefits it brings to my life and to many others like me!! Thank you CBD BioCare for allowing me to find relief in my life and begin to “LIVE” again!” – Clayton

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