Energetic Reset Sessions

Unlock The Secret To Releasing Resistance With An Energetic Reset

(AND some powerful bonuses for added support!)

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Imagine what it feels like to leverage the power of your own energy so you can release resistance at any time from anywhere – and under any conditions.

(Yes… You Are That Powerful)

Now ask yourself if you are ready to make that feeling a reality in your life right now…

When you journey through your Energetic Reset experience, you will instantly experience what divine alignment feels like –

Your remote one on one session will take you on a journey through a safe and loving process, where you will experience the power of inner inquiry, reach into the realm of possibility, and shift your energy in a way that you can FEEL right away.

The Results

“Better than therapy.  Stephanie Kathan’s energy work will take you on an emotional journey and release all the inner demons that have been holding you back from creating the reality you’ve always known you deserve to have in your life.  Her results will amaze you.” – Jeff Rivera, Best Selling Author

The Process

With her expert loving guidance, Stephanie takes you step by step through the process of releasing what no longer serves you energetically so you can:

Powerfully visualize your unique and divine alignment

Profoundly release your resistance

Come back into vibrational harmony with the fullest version of yourself

Once and for all release the blocks, barriers, and beliefs that have been holding you back

“Highly highly recommend this!! It has worked WONDERS for me!! Shifts that I have ‘known’ I needed, but not previously seemed to be able to make have happened relatively easily since my ‘releasing resistance’ session with Stephanie!!!” 
Stephanie Bressan – Queensland, Australia 

Your Energetic Reset Experience Includes: 

1. (1) Vibrational Reading  ($49 Value)

With Stephanie’s divine guidance, you will discover what you’ve been energetically broadcasting – and why it’s not all what you deeply desire and deserve. During this powerful reading, you will deeply see and experience what’s been blocking you from getting what you want. You’ll also explore and identify what your innate point of attraction is. And you’ll finally know exactly what to do re-align with your own well-being and once and for all step into your own personal power — where you broadcast the frequency of well-being while attracting MORE of what you want in all areas of your life.

2. (1) Resistance Release Single Session ($197 Value)

In this session, Stephanie expertly and lovingly guides you through a safe, and loving process of inner inquiry and emotional and energetic release.  By finally ridding yourself of the old energy that no longer serves you and embracing the energy of well-being that is available to you now, you immediately feel lighter, freer, and more divinely connected to who you really are. At the end of this journey, you will be taken through a guided visualization process, that gives you complete understanding of your inner guidance system and how to navigate with it — as well as understanding what personal and energetic indicators that are working on your behalf.

3. Single Session Tune Up ($147 Value)

Use this as needed within 30 days of our initial session, to release any shadow resistance and become truly and energetically aligned with your divine self.

PLUSreceive this incredible BONUS worth $97 

BONUS: Customized Feeling Tree Exercise

The Feeling Tree experience leads you through a guided visualization to an enchanted forest that you will see through your minds eye, and leads you step by step through the process of choosing the feelings that you most want to experience in your daily life. At the end of this session, you will have an exercise that you can begin using immediately, and continue to use every morning throughout the next 30 days, this process will reset your “default” vibration station setting and tune your point of attraction to the frequency of the feelings you’ve chosen.

“Stephanie is a miracle worker. I’ve done lots of energy healing, but nothing as powerful as this.

In virtually a few minutes, I uncovered resistance and frustration I didn’t even know was there.

And then, poof, it was gone. And it hasn’t been back since. I feel so free!

Thank you, Stephanie, for creating such a simple but profound system! It’s brilliant.”

Barbara Stanny, author, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money; Secrets of Six-Figure Women; Overcoming Underearning, Sacred Success 

The benefits of being vibrationally aligned:

Finally free yourself from negative energy that’s been creating resistance in any and / or all areas of your life

Relieve chronic emotional and / or physical pain

Release blocks, barriers, beliefs that hold you back

Heal relationships worth salvaging while releasing toxic ones that no longer support and serve you with ease

Break out of your creative rut and start downloading new ideas with ease and grace

Attract more opportunities into your life that you deeply desire

My Promise To You  

The technique I use is simple, fast and effective, and most clients begin to feel the energy shifting within minutes of starting their first session.  When you understand how to release your resistance and change your point of attraction, you become fully free from physical pain, emotional suffering, and even change your circumstances as you tune in to your ability to say goodbye to what has been holding you in place.

-Stephanie Kathan

This offer is available for a limited time at the special package price of $297.

“It was so quick, so powerful and so effective. In virtually no time at all, Stephanie helped me see an issue that has held power over me for years in a new perspective, and literally turn the tables on it. Her greatest gift to me was sharing with me that I can continue using this simple and powerful exercise on my own forever.
That gift to me is Priceless. Thank You!”
Bobby Donohue CEO- Fuelblue, Founder “Planet Bonehead” author “Be A Rockstar!”

“I just enjoyed a wonderful energy session with Stephanie Kathan. It is amazing how powerful we allow some of our “inner scripts” to be, and how they can take us off our game when we let them.  Thank You Stephanie!  —Steve Gamlin  – Motivational Speaker



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