In every moment there is a fork in the road, and only you get to decide which path to follow.

Yeah… you’re powerful like that.

It’s a time of awakening and a powerful shift is taking place. Right here. Right now.

A shift that is creating ripples of awareness as more and more people become aware of their ability to feel on purpose and step into their own personal power.

As you travel your own journey of self discovery, it helps to remember you have power in every moment with your simple ability to DECIDE how you FEEL.

You get to CHOOSE.

Bad things are happening no doubt about it, at times it seems the world has gone crazy.

The thing is—most people allow this point of focus to determine how they feel, instead of deciding for themselves.

And before you get all in your feels about what I just said—REMEMBER

GOOD things are happening too! EVERY DAY! All over the place! For all kinds of people. Even you.

Allow THIS to be your point of focus, and by doing so, you leverage your own energy—you tune your vibration station to the frequency of better feeling thoughts—and as you build momentum, the energy of better feeling thoughts will attract better feeling experiences.

(tuning your vibration station may take some practice, but I promise you, it’s worth it).

The more you practice, the better you get, and the better you get the better you will begin to feel.

You’ll begin to feel more confidence.

More clarity.

More joy.

You’ll start laughing more and having more fun.

And it will be your doing.

Because you’re powerful like that.


Life tries to convince you that you have no power, and for a long time I believed that. Somewhere at some point in my past I decided to believe that I wasn’t worthy of a good feeling life. I believed I wasn’t good enough to have the kind of life I really wanted.

Changing that belief was my first step in taking back my power and owning my own magic that was within me all along. (It’s within you too).

I invite you to take the journey back to self and discover the power of YOU.


You are divine by design and when it comes to creating, you are more powerful than you think.

Stephanie Kathan is an Energetic Reset specialist and through her private energy practice, helps creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs tune their vibration station to the frequency of their goals.

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