What can just one energetic reset session do for you? 

Here’s what some of my clients had to say after experiencing just ONE of my signature energetic reset sessions:

“Today, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Stephanie during my energetic reset session. Initially, I must admit I was skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised by the rapid transformation of my fear into forgiveness and self-love. Stephanie possesses incredible skills that enabled me to visualize my fears as opportunities for growth, and she equipped me with valuable resources to maintain optimal energy levels.
Stephanie’s expertise and guidance were truly remarkable. The way she helped me shift my perspective and turn my fears into positive forces was nothing short of astonishing. I was amazed by how quickly I was able to let go of negative emotions and embrace forgiveness and self-compassion. It was a profound experience that left a lasting impact on my well-being.
What sets Stephanie apart is her ability to provide practical tools and techniques that empower you to maintain a high level of energy and positivity. Through her guidance, I now have a robust arsenal of resources at my disposal to ensure that my energy remains at its peak.
I highly recommend Stephanie’s services to anyone seeking an energetic reset and a transformational experience. Her expertise, genuine care, and the remarkable results I achieved during our session have made a significant difference in my life. Thank you, Stephanie, for an incredible journey toward self-discovery and empowerment!”
-Elizabeth K Goede
Founder & President, Ratliff Consulting

  I loved my session with Stephanie! She quickly helped me step back into my power, own it, and choose my future wisely. I was able to let go of some doubt and anxiety in order to bring in the feelings I want to have, moving forward. I had realizations during my session that even with many years of practicing holistic healing, had not come to me before ! Thank you !! 

Abby Skidmore, Serenity Spa (Owner)  


“Stephanie’s approach to this amazing energetic reset is one from love and compassion. I could feel the energy from God/Source/Universe work through her as she guided me gently to raise my vibration. Very grounding and eye opening! To this day, I still use her visualization techniques in choosing how my day goes every morning! Thank you Stephanie!

handmade jewelry


So GRATEFUL!  Feeling empowered, free, light and full of light.  I feel I can do anything!  

I’m glad to have the power to no longer beat myself up and to understand what my fear is and how to use it.

Love and Light,
Ebeth Johnson



“Stephanie is a one of a kind woman. Her ability to connect to the unseen world and lisasteadmanunearth the blocks, barriers, and beliefs that hold you hostage is astounding. She’s a natural healer and transformationalist who truly understands the vulnerability of being a visionary who also needs support with her vision. Shifts happen fast so get ready!”
 – Lisa Steadman, author, speaker, change agent for women
Relationship Expert, Bestselling Author, TV/Radio Personality


“I am amazed at how deeply perceptive and intuitive Stephanie Kathan is. I enjoyed a Divine Alignment session today and here are some of my takeaway pearls of wisdom”. ‘I learned to believe in myself, lose the power that others have over me, give up needing anyone’s approval about what I do and how I do it, and release negativity as if it were a switch on the dashboard of my car. I envisioned a $ sign changing to a peanut for the sake of a powerful conversation. Stephanie, my perspective has certainly shifted.I will love myself more deeply and concentrate on being HAPPY. I deserve this and so does everyone else on this planet”. Thanks again,  – Belle Kohen – The Silver Fox; Midlife Makeover Coach

  “My session with Stephanie was quietly powerful. I wanted to release some things that I 1506136_10202058453576707_39427378_ofelt were holding me back from the greatness that Spirit and the Universe wanted me to be. I tried to do this on my own through a number of ways, but didn’t seem to be able to reach down deeply enough to completely alleviate it all. After my session I felt like I had been shown to a new level of Me, which had been there in front of me all along. Amazing!” –Coryelle Kramer Co-Founder at “Living With Spirit University

“I absolutely loved working with Stephanie. I was in a place where I just felt so stuck 264636_10150223215596104_4165695_nand in one session she was able to walk me right into my Divinity where I was easily able to access clear direction. I am very grateful for her gift. She is a very talented energy guide and I definitely recommend her!” – Angela Albright, Co-Founder “Spiritual Empowerment Center” Vancouver, British Columbia

“I’ve known Stephanie for awhile, but had never worked with her. When the inspiration Ann Zuccardy 2to find out what her resistance release sessions were all about found me, I knew I had to act. Within less than 24 hours, I booked a session – with no idea what to expect. Just a few minutes into the session, Stephanie was able to hone in on my resistance and she gently guided me through befriending it and accepting it. It was all very simple, direct and powerful. It occurred to me later that we humans make things much more complicated than they really are. Stephanie has a gift for distilling through the noise and getting to the essence of what’s going on – all in a loving, supportive, and simple way. A week later, I am still feeling the effects of my session with Stephanie and I will be back for more!”

-Ann Zuccardy

“Stephanie is a miracle worker. I’ve done lots of energy healing, but nothing as powerful as Barbara Stanny testimonialthis.  In virtually a few minutes, I uncovered resistance and frustration I didn’t even know was there.  And then, poof, it was gone. And it hasn’t been back since. I feel so free!  Thank you, Stephanie, for creating such a simple but profound system! It’s brilliant.”        –Barbara Stanny, author, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money; Secrets of Six-Figure Women; Overcoming Underearning.

”I just experienced an amazing releasing of resistance session with Stephanie- It was so Bobby Donahuequick, so powerful and so effective. In virtually no time at all, Stephanie helped me see an issue that has held power over me for years in a new perspective, and literally turn the tables on it.  Her greatest gift to me was sharing with me that I can continue using this simple and powerful exercise on my own forever.  That gift to me is Priceless. Thank You!” -Bobby Donohue Founder “Planet Bonehead” author “Be A Rockstar!”

“I had an awesome “Energy Session” with Stephanie Today. I love it when I am able to let Judy Martenego of “resistance” and allow the “goodness” to flow back in…..very cool! Much love to you Stephanie!” – Judy Martene

Elizabeth Powers“Today I experienced a powerful and effective Resistance Release Session with Stephanie Kathan via Skype.  She led me through a simple process of loving and releasing pain indicators associated with my leg and hip due to Scoliosis, a condition I’ve had since birth.  After more than 3 Hours the pain is still gone.    Stephanie Rocks!”   -Elizabeth Powers Life Mastery Facilitator and Spiritual Counselor

“Stephanie has developed a wonderfully freeing process with her Resistance  Release Suzie Cheelsystem.  Through our session, I was able to shift energy and become very relaxed. The process Stephanie uses allowed me to feel confident and very trusting. Stephanie has the gift where she can tap into your current issue and take you through a simple, non-threatening exercise that then releases both fear and anxiety. Thank You Stephanie, I believe this process will help many to step into their own light and be ready to let go”                                                                                                                                                –Suzie Cheel Intuitive Artist and Creative Change Warrior Gold Coast, Australia

”I was so incredibly blessed to receive the precious gift of a Resistance Release Process Theresa Finowith Stephanie Kathan.  How utterly liberating!  I can now move fully and powerfully into the world, fulfilling my life purpose.  She is a most beautiful soul and a conduit for Greatness. Thank You!   – Teresa Fino, Melbourne, Victoria Australia                                                                            

Inspirational Author in “The Path to Success”                                                                                   and leader in Emotional and Spiritual Well Being.

“I just enjoyed a wonderful energy session with Stephanie Kathan. It is amazing how Steve Headshot Shadowpowerful we allow some of our “inner scripts” to be, and how they can take us off our game when we let them.  Thank you Stephanie! Steve Gamlin 

Stephanie Bressan “Highly highly recommend this!! It has worked WONDERS for me!! Shifts that I have ‘known’ I needed, but not previously seemed to be able to make have happened relatively easily since my ‘releasing resistance’ session with Stephanie!!!”  -Stephanie Bressan – Queensland, Australia

    • “Better than therapy, Stephanie Kathan’s energy work will take you on an Jeff Riveraemotional journey and release all the inner demons that have been holding you back from creating the reality you’ve always known you’ve deserved to have you in your life. Her results will amaze you.”Jeff Rivera, Bestselling Author

jenniferwellsbailey“I was recently gifted a releasing resistance energy session with Stephanie and I was moved by her immediate focus on what kept me stuck. Her expertise in guiding me through what has been holding me back astounded me as in the following week I made a major life decision that had kept me from playing BIG in my life and living my passions. I am now co-creating my dream vision with a brilliant business partner and having the time of my life! My heart overflows in great joy knowing there are powerful healers in the world like you Stephanie.” -Jennifer Wells Bailey ,Co-Founder “Spiritual Empowerment Center

“After just one session with Stephanie, I felt a big crack in my old ways and felt the 860105_10200226033189446_1461226574_oreal me shine through for the first time in many years. Now, only 8 days into my 30 days in the Unlimited Alignment program, I am feeling the true me, am light years clearer with myself, my choices and what I want in the next moments, days and unlimited days ahead… I am feeling my power, changing my experience by shifting my perspective and choosing to see others and things in their highest being. Stephanie has shifted my world, life and experience beyond words- her profound abilities continue to amaze me and I am beyond words excited to experience the next 22 days with her!” —Stacey Rousseau Founder of Timeless Paws Pet

400590_10201053102718411_904684817_nI have been doing the Unlimited Alignment program with Stephanie and it has been incredible. I have worked with Stephanie since 2012 and through our Laser Focus sessions I am more focused, and my days are filled with Ease and Flow. I’m a real Estate agent and Stephanie has really helped me get clear on what type of clients I want to work with and what type of homes I want to sell. It has really made a difference. I recommend the program for everyone. No matter what your goal is, her Unlimited Alignment will definitely benefit you. I had no idea how much I needed it.  –Pam Beall  www.PAMBEALL.crye-LEIKE.com

37071_533678336657441_893076897_nClick Here for Video Testimonial from Sue Soucy – Vancouver, British Columbia *


Click Below for Video Testimonial from 561909_4609314955217_1282009028_n

Don Jones (a.k.a. The Wizard of Wisdom) Vermont, USA

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  1. Stephanie Kathan has help my real estate career so much in just one month of energy sessions. She helped me uncover resistance that I did not even realize was keeping me from reaching my full potential. After our first session I felt so entergized and motivated that I couldn’t wait for another session with her. Working with Stephanie has been such an amazing experience and I am experiencing record sales since releasing resistance. I am excited to continue with our sessions. She is truly gifted and a blessing to work with.

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