Dare to Be Divine


There is much anxiety when it comes to embracing the Divine these days.  People living in constant fear of offending someone’s religious beliefs, while aimlessly wandering around for something to believe in themselves.

There are some religions that will tell you that you are a sinner and will burn in hell if you don’t believe the way they do in the name of “God”, while others will tell you that Jesus can save you from hell if you only believe in him, and yet others still who are willing to kill… all in the name of Righteousness.  (No wonder people are afraid!)

I’ve got some good news for you…

Your Divinity has Nothing to do with religion.

Religion is an organization created by man.

Divinity is the spark of the Creator within each and every one of us… No Exceptions.

Dare to connect with the Divine Creator within You.

Dare to stop looking outside of yourself.  Dare to stop living in Fear.  Dare to be who you Really Are.  You are Divine by Design.

If someone labels you with “delusions of grandeur”…. just smile, and know that your creative genius is shining through.
And don’t worry about the ones that offered the label…. eventually they will figure out, they themselves were suffering from delusions of mediocrity.
Stephanie Kathan
author “Despair to Aware”


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