Stephanie Kathan



Energy Alignment Specialist.  Speaker.  Talk Show Host.  Spiritual Maverick

Making her own journey from Despair to Aware, Stephanie Kathan has transformed from a homeless waitress with a misunderstood diagnosis to being an Internationally recognized Spiritual Maverick in the personal growth industry – and for the last decade has been creating ripples of Awareness with some of the finest minds in the world.


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As an Energy Alignment Specialist – Stephanie shares her gifts through private sessions with deliberate creators world wide who seek alignment with the fullest version of who they are – as well as offering vibrational support for creative minds in her EnergyWorksWITHMe Facebook Group.

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MindGrow Radio / Livestream Videos

As a Talk Show Host – Stephanie sits down with some of the coolest people on the planet for in depth and candid discussions about Life, Business and the journey to Success.

Feeling On Purpose Interviews with special guests: Barbara Stanny, Lisa Steadman, Starla Fortunato, Jeff Rivera, Bonnie Gayle, Robin Rice and more


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Live Stream Videos – High Vibe Broadcasts 

 Morning Vibe – Daily video series

Start Your Day Feeling On Purpose

 Daily Broadcasts via FB LIVE every morning @  10am Eastern / 7am Pacific in the energyworkswithme facebook group



EnergyWorksWITHMe presents:

“An Evening With…” – Storyteller Series

Wednesdays @ 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific / 10pm UK

Each week a featured storyteller comes forth to sharing their hero’s journey.

Featured Storytellers Include: John Roberts, Lisa Steadman, Stephanie Kathan, Bobby Donohue, Gem Lou Reeves, And More…..





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As a Speaker – Stephanie inspires and motivates audiences online and off, with her powerful gift of storytelling – providing an empowering connection people can Feel.

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Stephanie is an internationally known energy alignment specialist and has been serving the personal growth industry since 2010 – helping clients around the globe to release resistance, Activate With Trust, Attract With Confidence & Allow With Grace, aligning personal power energy with divine potential through her energy sessions.



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When she’s not working with clients or hosting mindgrowing conversations;  Stephanie can be found road tripping around her home state of Vermont and sharing the gems she finds over on her  VisitVermontTV Travel Blog.



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