Staking Claim in Your Divine Inheritance

What if a stranger showed up at your door today, and informed you that You have an inheritance from a benefactor?

What if the stranger told you that as of this moment, you have unlimited access to resources and supply…… that You are unlimited, free to experience all the things you have always wanted to do, be and have….?

The stranger tells you that “all you have to do is call upon me with the words I AM” to stake your claim..
How do I collect?  you ask….

and the stranger shares with you that your inheritance includes the power to choose.

To deliberately withdraw from your inheritance, you must first imagine what it is you want, and trust that it will be delivered. To accept your inheritance from your Benefactor you must Believe.  What if this strangers voice comes from within your own awareness….
What do you do?

This story is no harder to believe than thinking we are here on this earth to suffer, pay taxes and die…. Your Benefactor lives within you, Your Inheritance is written about in every good book from every great teacher who has come forth in scriptures from around the world….. There’s even more good news….. the choice of what to believe is always yours….. You decide your own fiction….. and You Decide Your Own Truth.

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Stephanie Kathan

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