Finding Your IT Factor

We travel through life searching for “IT” We know “IT” exists, we think we should have “IT” in our lives, and we want “IT” now… and question Why do some people have “IT” and other’s don’t?” The problem is; we don’t really know what “IT” is, therefore we continue to look outside of ourselves to find “IT”.

Every once in a while we feel so good in our skin and think– Is this IT? And then our focus shifts into fear and once again we go in search of something on the outside to make us feel good again.

The IT factor you are looking for is energetic alignment— AND life doesn’t have to be perfect in order to experience it.

Those moments when you find yourself in a state of joy for no particular reason– you’re feeling IT.. When you are appreciating you are feeling IT. When you are loving, you are feeling IT.

Your “IT” factor is alignment with the fullest version of YOU and it feels good.

Humans have been conditioned through life to pay more attention to what is going wrong than what is going right, blaming, shaming, condemning and judging, resulting in a mindset of lack, fear and at times despair. The good news is YOU have the power to condition your own mind and control your own emotions, AND your ability to do so does not depend on anyone else other than YOU.

The next time you find yourself feeling good in your skin NOTICE IT. Acknowledge IT. Stay tuned to that vibration station as long as you can. And then do it again the next time, and the time after that, and what will happen is your vibration station will get “set” to this new default station.

The more you practice tuning your vibration station the easier it becomes, and soon that IT factor feeling (alignment with the fullest version of YOU) becomes the dominant vibe you are broadcasting.

Energetic Alignment is indeed the IT factor that changes lives and the really great news is that it’s a frequency that is ready and available for you to tune in to.

I used to have a huge to do list everyday, which at some times would overwhelm me just looking at it. One day I heard myself say “When you give up the struggle for control, you give up the struggle.” WOW! I stopped trying to control the uncontrollable and focused all of my attention on the only thing I could control… ME. Now there’s only one thing on my list everyday– ALIGN; because I know that when I’m energetically aligned with who I REALLY am, everything else just falls into place.

“One who is in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not” – Abraham-Hicks

I invite you to give yourself some proof of your abilities. Over the next day or two, put ALIGNMENT on the top of your To Do list, and experience some of your divine magic for yourself.

With the power of your FOCUS (one of your divine superpowers) you have the ability to create a life you feel good in, and YOU DESERVE TO FEEL GOOD!

Decide you want IT. Claim IT as yours and then ALIGN with that DECISION (another one of your divine superpowers) by seeing yourself BEING your fullest self in your minds eye.

Everyone has the ability to access the IT factor of alignment within themselves, but few take the time to do it, and then complain about all the stuff that prevents their success in achieving IT. They practice broadcasting a frequency that doesn’t serve them. The good news is YOU don’t have to! Practice broadcasting a feel good vibe and watch what happens!

If your life is not pleasing you in this moment know this– It doesn’t have to stay that way AND you can start turning things around right NOW by simply finding something to feel good about. When you make the DECISION to make the way you FEEL more important than anything else, you will discover the true IT FACTOR you have been searching for. You CAN do this. I believe in you.

You’re more powerful than you think. ✨

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