3 Things that Keep You On Track When You Feel Like Giving Up

sad girlThe feeling of overwhelm can take over quickly when taking on a big task and stretching out of your normal comfort zone.  At times the learning curve appears to be so intimidating, you find yourself looking for excuses to give up.  Believe me… I can relate.

I’ve experienced this fear many times, and I’ve discovered some things that will help you stay on track when you find yourself in that state of mind.

There are three things to remember while traveling the journey to self-discovery –

Learn – Grow – Share

1. Learn –

what did you learnWhat has this experience taught you?  Take a step back and look at whatever situation you are in from a broader perspective.  Ask Yourself:

“What have I learned from this?”

“What wonderful things have I experienced because of it?”

“What do I NOW know, that I didn’t before?”

what I learned2. Grow –

With each experience, we expand and grow into new versions of ourselves… moving from who we were, into who we are.

(This happens in EVERY moment, so you never run out of opportunities!)

When you notice that you are becoming overwhelmed, or thinking you want to give up –  Take a moment and think about how you have grown through your life.  Then think about how you have grown from this situation.

Think about the life experience you gained with each step along your journey, each decision bringing with it a new level of understanding.

The growth you have experience up until NOW has provided you with everything you need to make it through this moment, giving you the opportunity to step into your own personal power. (Yeah… You are pretty amazing!)

3. Share –share

Life is a continuous road, full of learning curves.  Each one providing us with the opportunity to be the “student” and “teacher”.

Fear can shake your confidence, sending you into a downward vibrational spiral, resulting in the feeling of unworthiness, as you entertain thoughts like “who am I to be doing this?”, “What do I know?”, or  “I’m not good enough yet.”…. (Sound familiar?)

If you answered yes, I’ve got some really good news… You have arrived in the moment where you step into your own personal power.  Right Here… Right Now by sharing what you have learned.

When you share the positive aspects of what you learn, you are practicing the quickest and most powerful ways to deliberately shift your vibration and bring yourself into alignment with your own worth.

What you know right now in this moment, discovered through your own experience… has the power to help someone else who is where you once were.  What you share can help another who is struggling with similar issues, and without even realizing it… YOU can change someone’s life… just by being you.

you are more important than you realizeYou have something powerful within you to bring into the world.  You Matter.  You make a difference, even when you don’t know it.

When you share your experience, you create ripples of awareness that have the ability to travel the globe.  Think about that for a minute!…   Your light, shining in the hear of another who is feeling what you have felt, and getting through it because of something that YOU shared.  (Yeah…. you are that powerful!)

Keep Learning.  Keep Growing and Keep Sharing-  The world needs you.


Stephanie Kathan

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Helping vs. Hindering – 3 Ways to Help Someone You Love NOW

Many of us have loved ones who are experiencing hard times.  If you spend much of your stop worryingtime worrying about them, looking at them and wishing they were different, or telling them they are defective in some way… you are NOT helping, as a matter of fact you may be hindering the well being you so want for them without even realizing it!

Your thoughts and feelings are powerful, and what you give your focus and attention to… you get more of.  (And that goes for everything!)

In other words, if you are focused on all the things you don’t like about someone, you will see those things every time you look at them.

struggling loved oneIt’s a challenging situation, especially when someone you love is suffering, but you’re focus on the suffering doesn’t benefit the person you are trying to help at all… and it feels terrible for you as well.

Here are 3 things you can do right now to help shift your focus, raise your vibration and benefit both you and those you love.

1. Appreciate them –  Get a notebook or a piece of paper and begin writing down every positive aspectssingle positive thing you can think of, and when you’ve run out of positive things to appreciate go deeper until you find some more.  You have the power to influence another, and it happens when you hold them in the highest light, regardless of their behavior.

(Do this frequently for 30 days and you will be amazed)

2. Imagine their Well-Being – Use your powerful imagination to focus on the well being imagination is evidence of the divineof your loved ones.  What do they look like when they are doing well?  What does it feel like to be around them when they are in a state of well being?  Imagine giving them compliments on how great they are doing and how proud you are of them.

(You may think this sounds silly, but you use your imagination every time you worry about them, imagine the worst happening to them and conjure up images of all that could go wrong for them if they don’t change their behavior. )  Think about it…  When you worry you are imagining the worst and it feels terrible for you and everyone around you.

When you are using your powerful imagination to focus on well being, those you are focused on will benefit.  (Don’t take my word for it, give it a try for yourself!)

3. Believe in them – If you truly want to help someone, the most powerful way you can i-believe-in-you-completely_largedo that is to believe in them.  When you humiliate, guilt or demand certain behavior from others, you are sending a clear signal that you see them as “less than” or “defective” in some way and that your love and approval of them is conditional on their behavior.

In simple terms, you vibrationally shout “I DON’T Believe in Your abilities” every time you are around them.  When you truly believe in someone, you give them the courage to believe in themselves.

You can take these steps immediately, right now where you stand, regardless of what your circumstances are, regardless of how anyone else is behaving and regardless of what anyone else thinks, does or says… because it all happens within YOU.

You are Divine by Design… and so are those you love, even if they don’t know it yet.

Discover your own Truth… and begin your journey with the decision to believe in Yourself.

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