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Energy Alignment Specialist.  Speaker.  Talk Show Host.  Spiritual Maverick

Making her own journey from Despair to Aware, Stephanie Kathan has transformed from a homeless waitress with a misunderstood diagnosis to being an Internationally recognized Spiritual Maverick in the personal growth industry – and for the last decade has been creating ripples of Awareness with some of the finest minds in the world.


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As an Energy Alignment Specialist – Stephanie shares her gifts through private sessions with deliberate creators world wide who seek alignment with the fullest version of who they are – as well as offering vibrational support for creative minds in her EnergyWorksWITHMe Facebook Group.

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MindGrow Radio / Livestream Videos

As a Talk Show Host – Stephanie sits down with some of the coolest people on the planet for in depth and candid discussions about Life, Business and the journey to Success.

Feeling On Purpose Interviews with special guests: Barbara Stanny, Lisa Steadman, Starla Fortunato, Jeff Rivera, Bonnie Gayle, Robin Rice and more


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EnergyWorksWITHMe presents:

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Wednesdays @ 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific / 10pm UK

Each week a featured storyteller comes forth to sharing their hero’s journey.

Featured Storytellers Include: John Roberts, Lisa Steadman, Stephanie Kathan, Bobby Donohue, Gem Lou Reeves, And More…..





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As a Speaker – Stephanie inspires and motivates audiences online and off, with her powerful gift of storytelling – providing an empowering connection people can Feel.

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Stephanie is an internationally known energy alignment specialist and has been serving the personal growth industry since 2010 – helping clients around the globe to release resistance, Activate With Trust, Attract With Confidence & Allow With Grace, aligning personal power energy with divine potential through her energy sessions.



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When she’s not working with clients or hosting mindgrowing conversations;  Stephanie can be found road tripping around her home state of Vermont and sharing the gems she finds over on her  VisitVermontTV Travel Blog.



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MindGrowRadio Presents: #FeelingOnPurpose Interview Series


Welcome to #FeelingOnPurpose – an interview series that will grow your mind.

rsz_10682352_10204547553908739_3796542819940080766_o (1)

I’m your host Stephanie Kathan, and it is my intention with this series to offer you a practical path to a magical life, and help you to tune in to your own power of feeling on purpose through mindgrowing conversations.

When I was putting the guest list together for this series, it was really important for me to choose people who had touched my life in some way, and each of my guests have done that on a deep level.

Like when Starla Fortunato brought out my own essence, captured it with her lens and allowed me to see my own beauty for the very first time. Or when Barbara Stanny helped me shift from a mindset of lack and despair into a reality of awareness by teaching me the meaning of Sacred Success.  Or when Lisa Steadman helped me discover my own spiritual maverick, taught me how to find my authentic voice and honor myself, while growing my business.  And All Of This came from the power of Feeling On Purpose.

So when I say, it’s an honor for me to share these ripples of awareness with you, I’m speaking from my heart.


This interview is with one of my favorite visionaries, who came into my awareness several years ago and who has been teaching me ever since that it’s okay to BE who you are. Through the years her words and visionary teachings have guided me through my own awakening, and it was an honor to share her with my listeners today.

robinriceRobin Rice is an internationally published author, transformational speaker, social change artist and mentor to leaders. With more than 100 apprentices in the last decade, her work is carried on through professional soul mentors practicing around the globe.
Her virtual-by-design social change projects have garnered attention from major media in 30+ countries, including The Today Show, Huffington Post Live, E Online and Shape Magazine.
Her fiction has been translated into three languages and she serves as a personal mentor to high profile leaders from the political, NGO, entrepreneurial, and arts communities.
Robin is the Lead Mentor at Creative Leadership Partners, a progressive organizational consultancy firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. She is also a Faculty Adviser at GetStoried, the world’s leading school for business storytelling.

I Absolutely LOVED sitting down with Relationship Expert Lisa Steadman who is not only a best selling author several times over, she’s also one of the most powerful creative minds I’ve ever met.  When she showed up in my life with her #LIfeON LisaSattitude, I KNEW she was someone I definitely wanted to learn from, and that decision is one I am grateful for every single day.

We talked about the power of self love, what to do when the haters are circling and it feels like nobody is celebrating your success, AND Lisa offered us a New perspective on living your dreams as well as a feeling on purpose practice from her own personal growth toolbox that will have you awakening your inner artist!

Enjoying a meaningful conversation with one of my favorite mentors, Best Selling Author and Leading Authority on Women & Money, Barbara Stanny is one of my favorite ways to grow my mind .


In this interview we talked about what it means to be driven by your purpose, the power of making firm decisions, what’s on the other side of fear,  how to get there, AND Barbara shared some tips from her own personal growth tool box to keep you focused when doubt comes knocking on the door of your mind.

#FeelingOnPurpose with Barbara Stanny –




One of my favorite moments was sitting down for a mindgrowing conversation with Celebrity Photographer Starla Fortunato.

We talked about Living Dreams, Following Your Passion even when life doesn’t give you that option, what it’s like to work with some of Hollywood’s Hottest Celebrities, AND Starla shared some tips from her own personal growth toolbox that help her stay on track when it comes to .Feeling On Purpose.



When it comes to the topic of Success, Celebrity Journalist Jeff Rivera is my go to guy for mindgrowing conversation.

Jeffs’ constant encouragement and support over the last several years, has inspired and empowered me to be the best version of myself while traveling the road of self discovery, and trying to figure out what it really means to be “Successful”.
205794_10150152271966949_1364148_nSo when he agreed to be a guest for this series, I was thrilled.
We talked about, Creativity, Success and The Power of Feeling On Purpose.
Through the years, Jeff showed me that I can create a life around talking with interesting people, and he’s helped me build the confidence necessary to have mindgrowing conversations with the people I really want to talk to.
But above ALL,  Jeff is a living example of how “Feeling On Purpose” creates positive change in our lives.

During this interview, I got to sit down with my fellow masterminder Entrepreneur Extraordinare Bonnie Gayle for a 11219614_758312597604032_5017035089976655394_nmindgrowing conversation about Life, Business, and how Feeling On Purpose plays a part in your Success.

Bonnie Gayle is a Self Image expert, Body Liberator & Founder of Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs, creator of “Sex Butter” and Author of:

-No Diets, Down Time, Expensive Treatments, Gimmicks or Surgery!

Over the past 25 years Bonnie has been an acting CFO, business manager, educating entrepreneurs and business owners on how to run their businesses efficiently and effectively so they can be profitable and pay themselves.

In her book Bonnie shares in detail the quest she went on to find something to correct and heal the cellulite that started consuming her body and got worse as menopause set in.

Not only does she give an amazing solution that totally changes how your body looks, feels, it’s also healthy too! On a mission to heal herself, Bonnie worked on a solution for other women suffering from cellulite and poor circulation.

Today, Bonnie helps people overcome money and body image challenges.




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Intense Energy-and how to survive it without losing your mind

If you’ve been feeling the intense energies lately (like me), you may find yourself feeling raw, irritated and a bit more than a little out of sync…

You’re not alone (even though it may feel like it)

Just Breathe.

It’s really easy to get caught up in the swirl of a negative moment, and let it ruin your whole day.  The good news is, it doesn’t have to be like that.rain-1013929_640

When you feel yourself reaching a tipping point (you always know it ahead of time)

Before you say the things you can’t take back, before you make a decision out of anger, before you throw that punch (even if they deserve it)

Give yourself a minute to just take a breath.

Remember that you’re not in this alone, and that your batting average for getting through the bullshit is 100%.  You’ve got this.

I’m here to remind you that whatever is bugging you in this moment, is only temporary.  Here’s a breathing process that will get you through the swirl and get you back on track.



Breathe In The Good

(when you look for it, you can find it everywhere)




wallpaper-756032_640Breathe Out What No Longer Serves You (imagine your breath in a color of your choosing, and as you breathe out, in your mind, see your breath leaving your body in a swirl of color)



Do this several times. Allow yourself to breathe on purpose for at least 90 seconds. As you do, you will begin to feel a shift almost immediately.

Embrace the better feeling vibration station that you’ve tuned into, and give yourself the relief you’ve been asking for. Give it a try. Let me know how it works for you.

If you’re interested in having access to more personal support, use the form below to schedule a free consultation.

Stephanie_Kathan-15937As an Energy Alignment Specialist, Stephanie shares her gifts with deliberate creators world wide, who seek alignment with the fullest version of who they are.

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The Shame Game Has No Winners

I Hate it when _____ does _____. It’s So _____.
Do your conversations sound like this?


When you are judging, shaming, blaming, and condemning you are filling out a Universal Order Form asking for more of the same.
The good news is…  You can turn it around.

If you don’t like what your friends are posting, maybe you need some new friends or unfollow some old ones. You have the power to do that.

If their religion, politics, or marketing strategies are not to your liking, you are so powerful that you can unfriend them, hide them from your newsfeed, or if they really offend you, FB has made it possible for you to block them all together.
(you have so many solution options!)

OR you can just continue to gossip about them, shaming them with your opinions of how ineffective their tactics are and lower your own vibration in the process.
( you are so powerful you get to choose!)

We all do things differently, we all see things from our own unique perspective and making other people feel bad about themselves isn’t the way I roll.

So, with that said, if I offend you by being who I am, I offer you some of the suggestions above, and we can part ways in peace.

The thing is, what we each have to offer in the world isn’t for everybody.
Some people are going to get you, and some people aren’t, and it’s OKAY.

At the end of the day, the only opinion of you that matters, is the one you have of yourself. Keep shining your beautiful light in the world, however that works for you. Just be you in the process.

  • If you’re an entrepreneur, don’t let others shame you into not marketing your services. Don’t dim your light for anyone. Ever.
  • The world needs you, and there is someone out there looking for exactly what you have to offer, praying to come across a post just like yours!
Keep Being You.
– Stephanie

The Mindset Revolution

A Shift Is Happening.  Right Now.

Every day more and more people are waking up to a new level of awareness, shaking off old beliefs, stepping in to the light of a new idea, and traveling the journey of self discovery.

Mindset Shifting is an important and necessary part of this process.

Success is hard to achieve if you are in survival mode, and it’s almost impossible to tune in to the frequency of abundance if you’re in a mindset of “not enough”.

(this I know from experience)  The good news is, you don’t have to stay in that miserable mindset as long as I did!

You CAN shift your mindset, and on this free call, you’ll find out how.

The recording from our 5/11/2016 event is now available.

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Sign Up Below to join us for a LIVE ENCORE Call

Wednesday May 18th – 7pm (EST)

During this 90 Minute Mindset Training, you will discover:

The Four Major Mindset Shifts most people experience on the journey of deliberate creating, which ones you are most likely to get stuck in, AND how to get unstuck if it happens to you.

Seven Steps of Transformation – we’ll take an in depth look at the transformation process, and how you can make it work for you.

Four Ways To Embody The Energy Of Thriving – I’ll be sharing some of my favorite processes from my own personal growth tool box, that you can begin using right away to change your vibration station and tune in to the divine resources available to you.

There will also be Q&A and an opportunity for you to come on the line with energy _Fav C14A1145alignment specialist Stephanie Kathan and receive hands on help with tuning your vibration station to a frequency that serves you. Right there on the spot!





Indicators are Manifestations

Most days are full of situations that have you traveling up the vibrational scale, the thing is…. most people don’t even know it’s happening.  For example; It used to be that I would start my day in “completely pissed off”,  make a quick stop in “I want to kick some ass”,  then usually find myself on a brief layover in “raising my voice” and I always spent morescreaming time than necessary in “just a little upset”.  (sound familiar?)

Then one day it arrived……

That moment of clarity and conscious awareness….

when I saw these precious moments in time for exactly what they were….

Indicators from the Universe, letting me know I was out of alignment.

My indicators were manifesting letting me know, and the more I ignored them, the brighter they shined.indicator light

Each of us comes with an inner guidance system, negative emotions are our easy to read gauges, and when you don’t pay attention to the indicator lights, you may just end up breaking down in your life.

Just like your car has a check engine light, YOUR INNER GPS also has top of the line indicators, informing you immediately when you are out of alignment with the source energy within you.

(Which simply means, you are feeling differently than your inner being feels.)

Your indicators (negative emotion) will come on and keep shining until you pay attention to them….. and if you don’t pay attention, they will show up in your outside circumstances even stronger usually as chaos, drama, depression, despair and poverty.

Your indicators (negative emotion) will signal you anytime you are feeling contrary to your source.  Most people do not understand their own inner guidance system.  Many get so caught up in negative emotion it runs…. and many times ruins their life, leaving them feeling powerless over their circumstances.

Negative emotion is a Powerful indicator, informing you IMMEDIATELY when you are out of alignment with your Source.


The moment when I realized what a beautiful indicator those emotions were, it allowed me to accept them, Love them for the great job they did letting me know I needed an ‘inner” tune up, and release them along with the resistance of disapproval that had built up in the process.

Your emotions are part of a Powerful Guidance System giving you the choice in each moment to come back into alignment with your source, and they will keep shining until you do.

It is possible to get where you want to go in life, and it’s much easier when you have help from someone who believes in you.


_Fav C14A1145


Stephanie Kathan is an Energy Alignment Specialist serving clients worldwide since 2010

Want more support with Feeling On Purpose and recognizing your indicators? Join our free #EnergyWorksWITHMe Group and let’s connect!


Deliberate Creator- Audio Series

The 5 Foundations of Deliberate Creating
Embracing Your Divine Power
(five part audio series)
from Stephanie Kathan D.D


Get ready to take a deep dive into the realm of possibility as you go step by step through the five foundations of deliberate creating. These same foundations have been used by the “Masters” all throughout History, and you can begin applying them in your own life as soon as NOW.

Throughout this powerful five part series, you will discover How To:

 Recognize & Activate Your Divine Superpowers
  •    Re-Arrange Your Mind – How to let go of the conditioned thinking and limiting beliefs that aren’t yours, and replace them with beliefs which are yours, and that serve you.
  • Use Your Imagination In A Way That Serves You – How to use the power of your imagination to align with all that you are.
  • Create Your I AM Reality – How to move from the reality you are currently holding yourself in, to one you want to be living.
  • Align With Your True Power – How to discover your true power, and use it.
  • Live Within The End – How to leverage your emotions to feel the feelings of the end results you want to experience, even if you have no idea how it feels, because you’ve never had what it is you want from life.
  • Understand Justified States of Being – How to move from one state of mind to another, and how to remain in the ones you choose.

_Fav C14A1145 As an Energy Alignment Specialist, Stephanie has been using these foundations in her energy work since 2010 to align clients around the world with more of what they want, and less of what they don’t.

This powerful audio series will only be available for a limited time. Get yours Today!

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To Learn more about Stephanie Kathan and her energy work, please visit

What others are saying about this audio series-

-“Powerful, fulfilling, like food for the soul. If you’re looking for something Jeff Riverathat will lift you up and inspire you, listen to this!” – Jeff Rivera, bestselling author of Forever My Lady

saramerckel-“Part way through your program The 5 Foundations of Deliberate Creating – audio series! Wow, it has blown me away very quickly. The information is so clear and concise! There isn’t information overload, just key points and phrases! I can already tell I will be listening to it again and again as each time I know I will hear another gem – you share so many! I am loving it so far – thank you!” – Sara Merckel — Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“The 5 Foundations recordings are fantastic! Thank you Stephanie forBobby Donahue creating this. Understanding the power of your imagination, and the power of saying “I am ___” are critical for creating the life you want, and you’ve explained them beautifully. Well done!”  – Bobby Donohue – Creator of Fuelblue -Branding, Positioning & Marketing- NYC


  sarahspencer“When love and skill come together, a masterpiece begins.” Have a notebook at the ready when listening to this audio series. Stephanie has some pearls of wisdom you’ll want to have in your affirmations arsenal. Perfect series to listen to if you’re psyching yourself up for a new endeavor” – Sarah Spencer  Chief Executive and Founder -Got Clicks – Richmond, Vermont

For A Limited Time, You Can Receive INSTANT ACCESS to This Powerful Five Part Deliberate Creator Audio Series through this special offer.

Special Offer Price $147

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Discover The Power Of You

The Search For Spiritual Self – Free Call

With Energy Alignment Specialist, Certified Reiki Practitioner and Internationally Known Intuitive; Stephanie Kathan, D.D.

Now more than ever before, people all over the world are awakening to a new level of consciousness, and taking a journey into the world of self discovery.

“There is a universal, intelligent, life force that exists within everyone and everything. It resides within each one of us as a deep wisdom, an inner knowing. We can access this wonderful source of knowledge and wisdom through our intuition, an inner sense that tells us what feels right and true for us at any given moment”. -Shakti Gawain 

On this call, we’ll be taking a deep dive into:

  • The Mindgrowing Journey – Discovering Who You Really Are
  • Tuning into the frequency of unlimited supply – Connecting With Your Divine Support System
  • You have non physical staff! Getting To Know Your DivineTeam
  • (also known as Angel Meetings or geting to know your guides)
  • Vibrational Readings & on the spot energy shifting by request will be also be available during Q&A at the end of the call. (Free) 

If you feel like you could use a vibrational tune up, this is a call you don’t want to miss. 

Featured Image -- 6201

As an Energy Alignment Specialist & Certified Reiki Practitioner, Stephanie shares her intuitive gifts with deliberate creators around the globe, who seek alignment with the fullest version of who they are and has been serving clients world wide since 2010

When you become aware of what you are broadcasting, you have taken back your power to change it.  If you are not achieving the results you want to experience, you may be standing in your own way with your own vibration.

  • The good news is you can learn to tune your vibration station to a frequency that serves you, and you can put that process into action right now.

You Are Divine By Design – It’s Time To Reclaim Your Power! fairy

On this live discovery call, you will have the opportunity to receive a vibrational reading to establish what your vibrational broadcast is in the moment.

And if it’s not serving you… YOU CAN CHANGE IT!

Tune In And Discover

  • Exactly what it is that is blocking you.
  • What your point of attraction is.
  • What you can do to align with well being and step into your own personal power


This Event Is Over – Click Below For Access To The REPLAY

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Feeling On Purpose with Jeff Rivera


I’m your host Stephanie Kathan, and it is my intention with this series to offer you a practical path to a magical life, and help you to tune in to your own power of feeling on purpose through mindgrowing conversations.

When I was putting the guest list together for this series, it was really important for me to choose people who had touched my life in some way, and each of my guests have done that on a deep level.

Jeff Rivera has done that for me time and time again.
His constant encouragement and support over the last several years, has inspired and empowered me to be the best version of myself while traveling the road of self discovery, and trying to figure out what it really means to be “Successful”.
So when he agreed to be a guest for this series, I was thrilled.
We talked about, Creativity, Success and The Power of Feeling On Purpose.
Through the years, Jeff showed me that I can create a life around talking with interesting people, and he’s helped me build the confidence necessary to have mindgrowing conversations with the people I really want to talk to.
But above ALL,  Jeff is a living example of how “Feeling On Purpose” creates positive change in our lives.
Jeff Rivera is an author and inspirational media personality. He has appeared on national television, radio and print in such outlets as, The Boston Globe, Publishers Weekly, Right On! Magazine, Rotarian Magazine, TMZ, WABC, WNBC, WCBS, SITV, American Latino and NPR.

He also writes or has written for Entertainment Weekly, Mediabistro, GalleyCat, Publishing Perspectives, Digital Book World, Examiner, American Chronicle, School Library Journal and the Huffington Post and has been invited to speak and inspire groups all over the world from South Carolina to Nigeria. He has been on panel discussions for The Library Journal, Authors Guild, the Harlem Book Fair and many others.

His humble beginnings of living in American poverty on welfare and food stamps as the child of a single mother, to his days living in his car and final rise to becoming a published author, journalist and media personality have inspired many.

Rivera created a massive online following before the eBook revolution even existed. He was able to land an agent and a book deal with Warner Books (now known as Grand Central Publishing) within 7 days. He has used the knowledge he gained from this experience to help coach his clients on social media campaigns and has helped over 100 clients take the first step in landing an agent too.

During our mindgrowing conversation, Jeff shares how #FeelingOnPurpose has played a part in the life he has created.

Some of his top interviews include –
Hugh Hefner, Stan Lee, Jackie Collins, Jamie Raab, Fergie, Enrique Iglesias, Avril Lavigne, Macy Gray, Joel Schumacher, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Jeff Kinney, Harlan Coben as well as 200 others. 

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3 Ways to Avoid Self Sabotage


One of the most common things I observe in clients, colleagues and yes…. even myself…

Is the “Habit” we have as humans of sabotaging our own success.




It generally happens when you’re doing well, you’ve been feeling pretty good and then something happens…

(You observe something in life) that invites doubt into your mind.  That doubt, if given just a little bit of attention, then attracts another doubtful thought like it into your awareness.



self sabotage


Before long, you’re saying things to yourself like “I’m not where I should be”, “I’m not enough”, “I’m not good at this or that”, and soon you manifest situations that give you evidence that those thoughts you’ve been thinking are true.

For example, you may find yourself in the following situations


  • Missing important meetings or appointments
  • Not taking the opportunity to shine in your gifts and justifying with excuses of why it didn’t work out
  • Blaming others for your circumstances

If you are experiencing any of these things, DON’T WORRY…


You have total power over this “habit” and it’s completely within YOUR control.

Here’s some things you can do to stay on track and not allow yourself to get “de-railed” by your doubts.

1. Have A Conversation With Your Highest Self -Go to a mirror RIGHT NOW.  Look at your reflection until you connect with your “inner being” gazing back at you through your eyes, and ask yourself:  “How do You feel about Me”?  Then allow yourself to embrace the LOVE instantly showered upon you.

*You may experience goosebumps from head to toe

* Tingling in your body

* And a profound feeling of acceptance and love surrounding you in a vibrational embrace.

2. Embrace Your Positive Aspects-Find a notebook and a pen and begin immediately to write down things YOU appreciate about YOU.  If you think there isn’t anything, give yourself some more time… and if you still can’t find anything to appreciate about yourself, quiet your mind and ask your inner being “What do YOU appreciate about ME”? Then allow what you receive through thought to flow onto the page before you.

3. Trust there is Goodness within YOU.  Regardless of what you’ve done, or who you were in the past.  Believe in yourself enough to show up in this powerful NOW as your best self.

Practice these steps as often as necessary.  Each time, your confidence will strengthen and your doubts will fall away.  Believe that you are more than you think you are, and never again see yourself as less than you should be.I-love-you-OwnAwesome

You are Divine by Design…. and it’s YOUR time to shine.


Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie Kathan is an Internationally known Energy Alignment Specialist in the personal growth industry and has been serving clients worldwide since 2010.

_Fav C14A1145



“Thanks for stopping by, it means a lot to me, and it’s my hope that you’ve received value during your visit to my page. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have regarding the information shared here”. – Stephanie




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