3 Ways to Avoid Self Sabotage


One of the most common things I observe in clients, colleagues and yes…. even myself…

Is the “Habit” we have as humans of sabotaging our own success.


It generally happens when you’re doing well, you’ve been feeling pretty good and then something happens…

(You observe something in life) that invites doubt into your mind.  That doubt, if given just a little bit of attention, then attracts another doubtful thought like it into your awareness.

self sabotage

Before long, you’re saying things to yourself like “I’m not where I should be”, “I’m not enough”, “I’m not good at this or that”, and soon you manifest situations that give you evidence that those thoughts you’ve been thinking are true.

For example, you may find yourself in the following situations

  • Missing important meetings or appointments
  • Not taking the opportunity to shine in your gifts and justifying with excuses of why it didn’t work out
  • Blaming others for your circumstances

If you are experiencing any of these things, DON’T WORRY…


You have total power over this “habit” and it’s completely within YOUR control.

Here’s some things you can do to stay on track and not allow yourself to get “de-railed” by your doubts.

1. Have A Conversation With Your Highest Self -Go to a mirror RIGHT NOW.  Look at your reflection until you connect with your “inner being” gazing back at you through your eyes, and ask yourself:  “How do You feel about Me”?  Then allow yourself to embrace the LOVE instantly showered upon you.

*You may experience goosebumps from head to toe

* Tingling in your body

* And a profound feeling of acceptance and love surrounding you in a vibrational embrace.

2. Embrace Your Positive Aspects-Find a notebook and a pen and begin immediately to write down things YOU appreciate about YOU.  If you think there isn’t anything, give yourself some more time… and if you still can’t find anything to appreciate about yourself, quiet your mind and ask your inner being “What do YOU appreciate about ME”? Then allow what you receive through thought to flow onto the page before you.

3. Trust there is Goodness within YOU.  Regardless of what you’ve done, or who you were in the past.  Believe in yourself enough to show up in this powerful NOW as your best self.

Practice these steps as often as necessary.  Each time, your confidence will strengthen and your doubts will fall away.  Believe that you are more than you think you are, and never again see yourself as less than you should be.I-love-you-OwnAwesome

You are Divine by Design…. and it’s YOUR time to shine.


Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie Kathan is an Internationally known Energy Alignment Specialist in the personal growth industry and has been serving clients worldwide since 2010.

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MindGrowRadio Presents: #FeelingOnPurpose Interview Series


Welcome to #FeelingOnPurpose – an interview series that will grow your mind.

rsz_10682352_10204547553908739_3796542819940080766_o (1)

I’m your host Stephanie Kathan, and it is my intention with this series to offer you a practical path to a magical life, and help you to tune in to your own power of feeling on purpose through mindgrowing conversations.

When I was putting the guest list together for this series, it was really important for me to choose people who had touched my life in some way, and each of my guests have done that on a deep level.

Like when Starla Fortunato brought out my own essence, captured it with her lens and allowed me to see my own beauty for the very first time. Or when Barbara Stanny helped me shift from a mindset of lack and despair into a reality of awareness by teaching me the meaning of Sacred Success.  Or when Lisa Steadman helped me discover my own spiritual maverick, taught me how to find my authentic voice and honor myself, while growing my business.  And All Of This came from the power of Feeling On Purpose.

So when I say, it’s an honor for me to share these ripples of awareness with you, I’m speaking from my heart.


This interview is with one of my favorite visionaries, who came into my awareness several years ago and who has been teaching me ever since that it’s okay to BE who you are. Through the years her words and visionary teachings have guided me through my own awakening, and it was an honor to share her with my listeners today.

robinriceRobin Rice is an internationally published author, transformational speaker, social change artist and mentor to leaders. With more than 100 apprentices in the last decade, her work is carried on through professional soul mentors practicing around the globe.
Her virtual-by-design social change projects have garnered attention from major media in 30+ countries, including The Today Show, Huffington Post Live, E Online and Shape Magazine.
Her fiction has been translated into three languages and she serves as a personal mentor to high profile leaders from the political, NGO, entrepreneurial, and arts communities.
Robin is the Lead Mentor at Creative Leadership Partners, a progressive organizational consultancy firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. She is also a Faculty Adviser at GetStoried, the world’s leading school for business storytelling.

I Absolutely LOVED sitting down with Relationship Expert Lisa Steadman who is not only a best selling author several times over, she’s also one of the most powerful creative minds I’ve ever met.  When she showed up in my life with her #LIfeON LisaSattitude, I KNEW she was someone I definitely wanted to learn from, and that decision is one I am grateful for every single day.

We talked about the power of self love, what to do when the haters are circling and it feels like nobody is celebrating your success, AND Lisa offered us a New perspective on living your dreams as well as a feeling on purpose practice from her own personal growth toolbox that will have you awakening your inner artist!

Enjoying a meaningful conversation with one of my favorite mentors, Best Selling Author and Leading Authority on Women & Money, Barbara Stanny is one of my favorite ways to grow my mind .


In this interview we talked about what it means to be driven by your purpose, the power of making firm decisions, what’s on the other side of fear,  how to get there, AND Barbara shared some tips from her own personal growth tool box to keep you focused when doubt comes knocking on the door of your mind.

#FeelingOnPurpose with Barbara Stanny –




One of my favorite moments was sitting down for a mindgrowing conversation with Celebrity Photographer Starla Fortunato.

We talked about Living Dreams, Following Your Passion even when life doesn’t give you that option, what it’s like to work with some of Hollywood’s Hottest Celebrities, AND Starla shared some tips from her own personal growth toolbox that help her stay on track when it comes to .Feeling On Purpose.



When it comes to the topic of Success, Celebrity Journalist Jeff Rivera is my go to guy for mindgrowing conversation.

Jeffs’ constant encouragement and support over the last several years, has inspired and empowered me to be the best version of myself while traveling the road of self discovery, and trying to figure out what it really means to be “Successful”.
205794_10150152271966949_1364148_nSo when he agreed to be a guest for this series, I was thrilled.
We talked about, Creativity, Success and The Power of Feeling On Purpose.
Through the years, Jeff showed me that I can create a life around talking with interesting people, and he’s helped me build the confidence necessary to have mindgrowing conversations with the people I really want to talk to.
But above ALL,  Jeff is a living example of how “Feeling On Purpose” creates positive change in our lives.

During this interview, I got to sit down with my fellow masterminder Entrepreneur Extraordinare Bonnie Gayle for a 11219614_758312597604032_5017035089976655394_nmindgrowing conversation about Life, Business, and how Feeling On Purpose plays a part in your Success.

Bonnie Gayle is a Self Image expert, Body Liberator & Founder of Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs, creator of “Sex Butter” and Author of:

-No Diets, Down Time, Expensive Treatments, Gimmicks or Surgery!

Over the past 25 years Bonnie has been an acting CFO, business manager, educating entrepreneurs and business owners on how to run their businesses efficiently and effectively so they can be profitable and pay themselves.

In her book Bonnie shares in detail the quest she went on to find something to correct and heal the cellulite that started consuming her body and got worse as menopause set in.

Not only does she give an amazing solution that totally changes how your body looks, feels, it’s also healthy too! On a mission to heal herself, Bonnie worked on a solution for other women suffering from cellulite and poor circulation.

Today, Bonnie helps people overcome money and body image challenges.




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Color Away Stress

A recent Huffington Post article shared how coloring isn’t just for kids anymore, and can actually help adults combat stress.  (Click Here Huff Post Article) And we’ve taken it a step further with our new “Vibration Station” Mandala Energy Enhancing Coloring Book (for grown ups!)  button





This beautifully designed coloring book has 50 uniquely designed  images, each one lovingly infused with energetically aligned positive enchantments for well being by energy alignment specialist Stephanie Kathan.

Now Available On Amazon.


Feeling On Purpose


Discover the Power of #FeelingOnPurpose – Interviews that Grow Your Mind

Hosted by Stephanie Kathan


Upcoming Guests Include:

Barbara Stanny – The Leading Expert on Women & Money and Best Selling Author of Sacred Success – A Course In Financial Miracles

Lisa Steadman – Internationally Acclaimed TV/Radio Personality & Best Selling Author of It’s A Breakup Not A Breakdown 

And More

 Scroll down to listen to the first interview in this series with Nationally Recognized Green Living Expert Amy Todisco


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There are some amazing guests lined up, including:


Amy Todisco – Nationally Recognized Green Living Expert shares some energy alignment tips from her own personal growth toolbox, along with tips on organic gardening, food & wellness, as well as her own story of how #FeelingOnPurpose has impacted her life.

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Stephanie Kathan is an Energy Alignment Specialist, serving clients worldwide since 2010.  www.energyworkswithme.com/reviews

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Magic, Miracles And Your Divine Team of Non Physical Rock Stars

When I enjoy  my morning coffee – “Divine Style”, I always have the most powerful A-HA moments, as I come to realizations, gain insights, discover answers to questions and receive solutions to problems.  

Before I go further, let me describe what a morning meeting with my “divine team of non physical rock stars” looks like:
First order of business is to have my notebook and pen on the table when enjoying my coffee in the morning…and as I quiet my mind…I go within.

I begin talking about what I’m doing and WHY I’m doing it.  I listen for the guidance that is given when I ask questions of what next step to take…. and I have faith that what I hear will lead me on the path of least resistance on my journey to self-discovery.

I write down my conversations with a firm belief that I have the ability (as all humans do) to connect with that of which I was created…Divine Source Energy….

Also known as God, Creator, The Divine, Great Spirit, Inner Being, Universe, among many other names. Use what feels right for you.  I personally like thinking of that loving divine energy as my own personal team of non physical rock stars.  In the book E-Cubed Author Pam Grout calls it the FP – or (Field of Potentiality).  Whatever name works for you is fine.  

In the beginning my notebook looked something like this –

Stephanie: Hi, are you there?

DT (Divine Team) : – Always

I admit, the first time it felt a bit awkward, wondering if I was talking to myself and then realizing that THAT was the point, so with determination and trust, I continued on until I felt the conversation was ready to end. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you give this a try.

One of the things I discovered about myself is that I manifest thought all day every day and so do you, most times without even realizing it!

You Think: “I need to go to the bathroom” so the thought travels, your legs automatically move you where you need to go and your needs are met…..

The thing is… we do this a zillion times a day without even realizing it.

You think: “I want to go to the store”…The thought manifests and you find yourself behind the wheel of a car, or a bike, walking or however you get there….the point is you get there and your needs are met.


You have I AM conversations, such as “I Am Broke”, “I Am so sick of this”, “I hate my life”….. and you find yourself experiencing these things over and over, cementing yourself in those same circumstances with each declaration.

Again… without even realizing it….

(and most people then declare “I knew that would happen” as they are discussing how much their life sucks.)

These are some very simple examples, but if you look at how many times a day you manifest thought without really thinking about it at all….just doing it on auto-pilot because you believe you can accomplish these things, it seems natural and you do!

Just imagine the possibilities of what you could manifest if you did it with purpose and on purpose. You are a manifesting machine…..You just realized how many times your thoughts become manifest as your life….all day …..every day.

Your thoughts have much more power over your life than you currently believe.  As you allow yourself to see life through the eyes of what is possible….you will see and experience your own magic…  and tune yourself to the frequency of miracles.

And as you do…

You will realize that your thoughts coupled with your feelings are what bring about your circumstances.  Imagine what you want your life to look like…..

See the possibilities with your mind’s eye, and believe in the possibility Within You….

You are Truly Unlimited and when you believe in You, and all that is possible …..you are aligned with the fullest version of who you really are.  (Your Highest Self)

Need guidance?  Grab your coffee, sit down with a notebook, and have the most important conversation of your life….. with You and Your Divine Team of non physical rock stars.  They Are Ready.  They Are Present. And They can’t wait to hear from You.

The Divine dwells within you……

open your heart, open your mind, and join the conversation today!

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(yeah, you’re that powerful)  See You There!


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Stephanie Kathan D.D. is an Energy Alignment Specialist, serving clients worldwide since 2010.

Tuning Your Vibration Station

Energetic Reset with Stephanie Kathan

You are a living, breathing, constantly creating (whether you know it or not) and a divine by masterminddesign Broadcaster/Receiver.

Constantly interpreting the reality around you through your five physical senses.

(Which ALL interpret vibration)

You are constantly broadcasting a signal and the Universe is constantly honoring that broadcast.  What happens to most of us –

(it happened to me for a long time)

is that we are tuned to the frequency of “NO”, not realizing that we live in an all inclusive vibrational Universe.

We are taught all through life to “Push Against” this and to “Fight A War On” that and conditioned to resist change as we look outside of ourselves for solutions.

And without realizing it… We create a life of constant struggle.

“To Tune in to The Frequency of YES, you must stop bashing what you HATE and start supporting what you LOVE”.

You Are Divine By Design…

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Tuning Your Vibration Station

You are a living, breathing, constantly creating (whether you know it or not) and a divine by masterminddesign Broadcaster/Receiver.

Constantly interpreting the reality around you through your five physical senses.

(Which ALL interpret vibration)

You are constantly broadcasting a signal and the Universe is constantly honoring that broadcast.  What happens to most of us –

(it happened to me for a long time)

is that we are tuned to the frequency of “NO”, not realizing that we live in an all inclusive vibrational Universe.

We are taught all through life to “Push Against” this and to “Fight A War On” that and conditioned to resist change as we look outside of ourselves for solutions.

And without realizing it… We create a life of constant struggle.

“To Tune in to The Frequency of YES, you must stop bashing what you HATE and start supporting what you LOVE”.

You Are Divine By Design with the power to tune in to Magic & Miracles

Take a mental inventory of yourself right now.  Look at what you are fighting against VS. what you are supporting.  Which vibration is more dominant?  Which list is longer?

sad girlHere’s a Bonus Tip:  The #1 Frequency most people tune in to that keeps them stuck in struggle is: COMPLAINING

Whether you are tuned in to a complaining conversation (receiver) or you are broadcasting complaints yourself – When you set your Vibration Station on Complaining, you get an endless playlist of struggle (things to complain about)


  • When you catch yourself complaining, make the conscious decision to “Change the Station” and tune in to something that pleases you.
  • Direct your attention (hit your vibrational “seek button”) and tune in to SOMETHING or SOMEONE that you can appreciate now in the moment.  This takes practice, but when you do it long enough, appreciation will become your Vibration Station default setting.

Everything changed for me when I heard Wayne Dyer say “Don’t Complain and Don’t Explain” and I’ve done my best to live those words ever since.

Another powerful process is to start an “Appreciation Journal” or as “Abe” says: A Book of positive aspectsPositive Aspects.  Write down everything you can think of about life that you appreciate.  What do you appreciate about the people in your life?  About yourself?  Begin making it a daily habit.

(This is one of the fastest ways to set your new default setting on your Vibration Station and go from “NO” to “Going with the Flow”)

An important thing to remember is that you are not alone in any of this.  You have a divine team of non physical rock stars at the ready, supporting you and ready to assist you in whatever way you need.


During our last Monthly Discovery Call we spent a lot of time talking about

  • Tuning Your Vibration Station to the Frequency of YES
  • The Power of Your Divine Team (and How to Delegate to them)
  • AND How to Change Your Vibration Station from “Not Enough” to More than Enough and dialing in to the frequency of Thriving

_Fav C14A1145



Stephanie Kathan is an Energy Alignment Specialist serving clients worldwide since 2010, offering energetic alignment that instantly changes your point of attraction.  

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Money – Mindset and Mentors

money mindset 1One of the biggest challenges we have when it comes to deliberate creating is shifting from a mindset of “lack” into a mindset of prosperity and abundance.



We are conditioned in our thinking to look toward the worst and possibly if you’re really lucky…. you can hope for the best.

This way of thinking does nothing for you except keep you stuck in a poverty consciousness.

While traveling my own journey of self discovery, delving in to my own divine power to create change in my life, one of the hardest things was getting past my fear about making money.  Sometimes the thought of it just freaked me out, mostly because what was active in my vibration was the “lack” of it,  adding more weight to the conditioned thinking I was still carrying around, telling me I wasn’t really good enough to be as successful as I wanted to be.  It was then, that I became aware of the teachings of Neville, and his life changing book “The Power of Awareness” (Highly Recommend)

“All transformation begins with an intense, burning desire to be transformed. The first step in the”renewing of the mind” is desire. You must want to be different [and intend to be] before you can begin to change yourself. Then you must make your future dream a present fact . You do this by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled. By desiring to be other than what you are, you can create an ideal of the person you want to be and
assume that you are already that person  If this assumption is persisted in until it becomes your dominant feeling, the attainment of your ideal is inevitable. ”  -Neville Goddard   1905-1972

I had such a strong desire to transform, but no idea how to be successful in business, especially when I had so much fear around the thought of actually being able to attract the kind of clients I wanted to serve, and my worthiness when it came to making money sharing my gift.

I am truly blessed to have had the honor of learning from some great mentors, like Barbara Stanny,  Heather Dominick  and Lisa Steadman, each one showing up at exactly the right time with the right information, according to my own level of readiness, the Universe showing me time and time again that it was no accident.

When tuning in to their wisdom I was blown away by what I was learning, and the goosebumps I was feeling let me know it was the truth.

Suddenly I became aware that I had the power to do this!

(And so do YOU!)

 Heather Dominick new pic



“You do have the ability to breakthrough the fear that is holding you back, and you have everything within you right now in this moment to make it so”.

(Yeah… You’re That Powerful!)

Barbara Stanny 2Click here to tune into A Powerful Conversation with Stephanie Kathan and Best Selling Author Barbara Stanny from “The Journey Interviews”

Wayne Dyer shares that “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” and it is true in every area of your life including money.

You CAN create a Money Mindset that serves you, and you can begin today.

The great thing about having Mentors is that as you expand, so does the circle of great minds for you to tune in to.

My latest “Meaningful Mentorship” has been with Lisa Steadman who is teaching me how to bring the essence of who I have become, blend it with my brand messaging and shine, as I step out onto the world stage to share that message with those seeking what I have to offer.  It has been a Mindgrowing experience to say the least.

What I’ve learned from my Mentors has been life altering at many levels and it all started with an interview.  The best advice I ever got was when a wise man once said to me “Get A Mentor” and now I’m passing that advice on to you.

Find someone who is doing what you want to do and learn from them however you can.

lisasteadmanClick Here to Enjoy a powerful candid interview with Lisa Steadman when we took a deep dive into a heart to heart with this candid conversation “Breakups – Breakdowns and Breakthroughs”

 Money, Love & Life Flow From Monumental Moments……..   Create Yours Today.

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Releasing Fear in 5 Divine Steps (Replay)

stephaniesuperwiseWe are conditioned to live in fear, the good news is… we don’t have to stay there.   In this free audio I share with you the exact steps I took to lead me from a life of despair into one of awareness, as I embraced the world of deliberate creating.

You will discover the 5 Divine Steps that allowed me to say goodbye to fear forever, as well as the processes and techniques I use to stay on track AND the secret enchantment I use for summoning my highest self.

At the end of this call you will know how to tune into your own divine superpower to release fear, and how to activate it. 

Use Form Below To Request the Replay


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Nine Do It Yourself Experiments that will GROW YOUR MIND

Every now and then, a book comes into your life… and changes EVERYTHING.

Have you ever been called by a book?  That’s what happened to me recently when Pam Grout’s book E-Squared made it’s way into my awareness.  And the call was so strong it could not be ignored.

I was out of town doing a workshop and the desire to have the book became so strong, I began calling bookstores in surrounding areas.  A Barnes & Noble 30 miles away had one copy!  I was thrilled…  and then they told me “Oh I’m sorry, were saving for another customer”, it couldn’t be touched and it was on hold for another 3 Days!

I HAD TO HAVE THAT BOOK!     e-squared-smaller

I waited a bit… and then I heard… “Let the manager handle it”.

So I called the bookstore back, asked for a manager, and she not only handled it, but she did it with such a wonderful attitude!  She called me back to let me know she had called the “hold” customer who was local, explained that I was from out of town and I could feel her smiling when she said the book was mine and I could pick it up at the register.

I fell asleep reading it, and when I woke up, my first thought wasn’t “Where’s the coffee?”  it was “Where’s the Book?”.  Yeah… it’s powerful.

My son and I did the first experiment at the same time, and both received blessings within hours.  He called me to tell me about his, minutes after I received mine.  It was AMAZING!  We were giggling and laughing and excited to do it again… and that is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

Both of my sons now each have their own copy, and it will be the gift I give to everyone I love from now on.

The Nine Experiments in this book, will shift your perception, expand your awareness and grow your mind in ways you never thought possible.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get your own copy, and start performing miracles in your own life.  You’ll be glad you did.


When I began reading the book, I knew instantly I wanted to have Pam as my special guest on an episode of LeadingEdge Talk…. so…. I set my intention with the FP and…

SHAZAM!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to my interview with Pam Grout

The experiments in E-Squared will boost your confidence and help you remember what life is about.  If you don’t have a copy yet I highly recommend you get it.  Whether you go to the library, go to the closest bookstore or order it here online… Just Do It.


  Enjoy episodes of LEADINGEDGE TALK Show Here   blogtalkradio